You just got your heart broken,

Or maybe a dear one has left you.

Probably you did not do well in your exams,

Even after putting in days and nights of effort

Or things are just getting a little too much for you.

Your anxiety is eating out your soul

Your depression is making you want to run away

And you wish to seek comfort in a rope or a knife.

The paints and brushes make you feel weak

The strings on the instrument dont tug at your heart anymore,

And you don’t want to take a pen to write that amazing story.

You just wish to cry your heart out,

And scream about your pain,

But you don’t want anyone to think of you as a coward.

Give it time.

I was like you too, hopeless, in despair, suicidal.

But time makes you lessen the pain, the worries, the blocks, the tendencies

It tells you to keep going on,

It tells you to find another route,

It tells you to hold on to all your strength.

It motivates you to forget the past.

Time is not haste. Time is patient.

No matter how long you take,

Time is also on the journey with you.

Time moves, making you move.

And it tells you to live through its ticks and tocks.

Time heals you.  In ways you cant imagine.

I promise.


I cant believe I have blogged for a week. *jumping around in joy* Hope you like it. And check out for the prompts.