Her eyes! Oh,her chocolate brown eyes.

                           His hair! Damn, his soft ebony  hair.

Her smile! That could just make stars jealous.

                          His blush! The one that makes me want to kiss him.

Her curves! That would fit perfectly in my hands like a puzzle.

                          His lips! It would fit perfectly with mine.

I’ve known her for so long. But I cant seem to bring myself to talk to her

                         I have seen him too many times. I just wish he saw me too

What if she finds me boring?

                        What if he finds me creepy?

What if we never happen?

                        What if we never get along?

Today marks the day I saw her at the basketball court, eight months ago.

                       Its been eight months since he caught my attention when he walked into the lab.

I just want to.*sigh

                       I just want to. *sigh


Its been 4 days since I last blogged. Dont worry, not a block. I was traveling. With terrible people. But I am back yo! And I am gonna kill it with punctuality. Anyways, do check out https://jrrogue.com/ for the prompts.