Alright, alright!

Apart from my excellent poetry skills (please feel free to laugh at this statement, cause I am), I do have a hyperactive brain that tends to fall off the boat, instead of pushing everyone off it. I get annoyed, easily. Some people find it funny, some people agree to it, some people wishes to augment it. Also, my overthinking mind makes me wonder if I hit my head against a wall when I was a kid (not a wall but actually, the edge of a granite tea table. There was blood)

So I thought I shall share my slightly dramatic and delusional workings of my being to you guys. Just so, if you find it amusing, my job is done. If you dont, then your job is done. (its my other brain speaking, dont mind it). Since I love green tea, I thought of calling this segment the ‘Green Tea Gibbering’. So sip on your green tea or matcha or coffee with some snacks(if you wish, I will never force you) and sit back, laughing at my stupidity and madness.

The last week I traveled to Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, with my classmates. I would love to talk more about the trip. But it is the people who make the trip right? In this case, the people made me want to smack them across their face with the selfie stick they were holding. I like noise, but not to the extent of wanting to shove their heads into a……….. too profane for WordPress.(I couldnt get anything solid to fill in the blanks) There were depressed souls, girls who boasted about how guys loved them, people who lit up only when ‘their kind of’ people came, the falling sick ones and so many more.My lack of sleep seems to have fired it a little bit more. I have seen these people for too long. Far. Too. Long.

I still have to keep seeing them. And I dont wish to make time for them. But, you know that feeling when you are the only one the swing because you chose it and everyone else is on the carousal? That is exactly what I felt. Outcast for being traditional. Weird for liking the ‘Wild Wild West'(BY THE WAY have you watched WestWorld?) I want to get along but at the same time I dont. I want people to talk to me out of their own will, not because I initiate the conversation. It felt weird. Selfies, fakeness, lack of depth. Seemed so lifeless.

Also the fact that erotic images of my crush and I was not helping at all. (Do you wish to know?) It felt stuffy. Hence, I made do with the places. Sometimes the place makes you forget things. The beautiful waterfalls, birds, butterflies, film sets, labs, chemical plants(TRUST ME THEY ARE  SO COOL) made it worth the while. I even found my future goal and I am not chasing what I dont want anymore. I like traveling. I shall only stick to that when I do so in future. Plus, the lunches were pretty great!(aaaahhh!!! food)

I missed my parents like crazy. I kept thinking about what they would say when a few things were happening. Shed a few tears here and there. I know, a 21 year old girl is too old to cry. But that is just how I am.

However I am back home, and my mum left for my hometown for the early prep of a wedding. It feels weird. To top it off I have some weird ass waste classes to attend as well. Bleh! Dont feel like it. Only if train lag could be counted as an excuse!

Oh hey, Trump is the the new PotUS.(yeah,keep the guns ready). And Modi wiped clean all the 500 and 1000 notes from the nation in one day.(Talk about Spring Cleaning huh?).

So here is to a new week(which will be super boring for me) and hope you get your daily morning tea/coffee properly(lets face it,that is what keeps us alive)