I wish to take over the world

But fuck! All these people.

Couples in a park

Between whom I walk.

(dance around tress would ya?)

Smokers on my street

Upon whom I make my cat pee.

(it contains more nitrogen than the polluted air)

Drunkards creating a ruckus

Whom I lock in a puked up public bathroom.

(in which they have fallen asleep)

The buzzkills who only want attention

Near them I have let the bees buzz.

(you need those stings)

The braggers who think the world revolves around them

I have given you the weight that Atlas has been bearing for so long.

(finally he is free)

The loud lousy schmucks

All you need is a dick.

(can be a fake one too right?).

The nosy and the news seekers

Stopped everything once they cleaned my brother’s closet.

(such dirtiness, much scandal)

What about the obsessive compulsive selfie takers?

I have pushed a few into the lakes and off the cliffs.

(better than them slipping off right?)

Hey! Covering up is easy.

These are not crimes,

Oh no, no, no!

I just want world domination.


As you can see, I truly hate people. I belong to the old generation. But I can manage somehow. Let me know if you liked it and do check out https://jrrogue.com/ for the prompts.