Maybe we need closure.

Maybe we need clarity.

Ambiguity is our enemy.

We want to know.

Who was that handsome stranger at the bookstore

That recommended you to read your current favourite book?

Who was that gorgeous lady at the departmental store

That told you to eat those health bars, which you ended up loving?

We want to know

That mother at the baby store,

Who smiled when she found the perfect toy for her darling.

That lonely alcoholic,

Who was counseling the depressed teenager.

We want to know

Who that person was who gave you pleasure,

Just for that one night?

Who was that kid,

Whose lollipop made your tears vanish?

Why do we want to know these strangers,

Who mean nothing to us?

Maybe in this fast-moving world,

When we get a lack of speed,

When we know that time ticks the same as it always used to,

When know what it is to feel with others

When we get it with these nameless

We wish for closure

We wish for clarity.

Ambiguity is our enemy.


I think this is one of my favourites. I just want to appreciate and validate all these people who do these little favors for us every now and then. Thank you! Also, check out for the prompts.