Do you feel like I don’t?

I want to tell you all that is tormenting me

I want to scream about my inner being eating me alive.

I want you to hug me and hold me

Soothing my hair, telling me

Sweet sweet words filled with devotion and hope.

Kissing me until I forget

About everything terrible in my life

I want you so bad and I want to.

To touch you, to feel you

To hear you desires turn into reality.

Those soft breaths,

The nails scraping my back

I want it all.

But I can’t!

It just feels like you wont be there for me

After you know

My nightmares

My worries

My addictions

My demons.

My scars might wound you.

My heartbeats might torture you.

My touch will murder you

My kiss might draw your soul out.

I can’t hurt you.

But I can’t have you heal me.


Forbidden love! Aah my favourite kind. That love and passion remains no matter what. so true and pure. Hope you like it. Also, check out for the prompts.