Do you know?

Oh! Forget it! You wouldn’t.

I mean, what can I say?

 I don’t feel.

I don’t care.

I don’t dream.

I don’t want.

I just don’t anymore.

You would not understand, would you?

You fear you will fail

So you do.

You know the golden rays of the sun

The soothing drops of the rain

A hot cup of tea

A good book

Will heal you. Revive you.

Reassure you of your goals and aspirations.

So you do.

You feel. Home.

But for me? Ha!

That is where we are different my friend.

I have been pushed to the cliff.

I feared. So I did.

The view from the cliff gave me resurgence.

That I can. So I decided I will.

But I have been pushed.

Tortured. Exhausted. Overused. Exploited.

I was made to stand at the edge.

All. The. Time.

Been asked to meet deadlines.

Been asked to satisfy even when I didn’t.

Told to do everything meaningless.

So I just stopped.

Now that no one is pushing me anymore

They are calling me back

Asking me to slow down.

To not make haste decisions.

To stop where I am at.

And walk backwards.

However, now,

I think falling is the best option.

No more anything.

I don’t do.

I don’t wish.

I don’t try.

My emptiness is my friend.

My shadow is my comrade.

Motivation? Ha!

He left me a long time ago.

So I don’t.

This is a little close to home. So yeeeaaahhh.  And check out for the prompts.