We the ones who don’t fit.

We the ones who don’t conform.

We are not rule breakers.

We just polish them a little bit.

We whose morality is greater than those who claim to be.

We who believe that all ideologies are one,

Cause prejudice is overrated.

We who are omnists

And believe in a stronger super power

Above and Within us.

We who don’t care about sexuality,

As it ain’t gonna buy us a house by being judgemental.

We who don’t care to please,

Why would we lick arses anyway?

We who bare our minds,

Since we don’t like to keep things

And make it boil to kill peace.

We who believe we are own

Competition, carrier, camaraderie.

We who wish excellence, happiness, quality.

We form this lifelong and joyous carnival.

Care to join us?


I know I would! Only if more people like this existed. And do check out https://jrrogue.com  for the prompts.