My typing makes you aware.

You come towards me.

Stare. Observe. Marvel.

I think it is one of your usual games

Of just being hot and cold.

Filling me with need.

Then you lean in closer

And hold my lips hostage

In between your perfect white infantry

Giving them light presses

Seeking for my presence. 

My need for ventilation suddenly increases

My fingers catch hold of your mane

Cause only that grip will keep me sane

My larynx releases weird noises

Which seem to activate you more.

Then you move down my windpipe

Leaving traces and paths all along.

My collarbone bear your frustrations of my absence

My pull on your hair warns you

You just grin and melt me more

With your talks and baritones

Lowering me onto the couch.

Kiss, Mark, Soothe.

Kiss, Mark, Soothe.

The rhythm goes on.

Your games work, and I think you want to stop.

But you surprise me with your fingers

Moving to places which only mine have.

Circling, Heightening, Pulsing.

Circling, Heightening, Pulsing.

You suddenly stop.

Your forehead creased with fear and worry

Showing unknown turmoils

Which trouble me.

After a note to self

You tell me you love me in between heaving breaths

Forehead on mine.

You tell me you always wanted me

Peeling your shirt off

You tell me that you only teased me

Not just for me, but for you as well

Because you always desired me

Felt for me, Wanted my attention

But you were scared that I would leave you

And here I thought it was only because I was the one

Who made the first move.


Phew! *increases the speed of the fan in my room

This is an experiment, so let me know how it is! Dont forget to check out for the prompts.