So, the eldest of my generation a.k.a my cousin brother, happened to have gotten married last weekend.(no surprise there). Don’t even ask any names, cause its all anonymous and a figment of your imagination(so am I). We exist and we don’t.(Hue hue hue)

Let me leave Schrondinger alone for now.(He needs to be woken up from his grave once in a while and not). How was the wedding? MUCH BETTER THAN EXPECTED. The necklace tying ceremony(literal translation from Malayalam ‘thalikettu‘) was at the amazing temple of Guruvayoor. This was my first time going there and Lord Krishna made me wait for 21 minutes in the queue (I had not seen Him for that many years). There are queues! Yep! I cant say much about that. We Indians love our Gods a little too much. But the temple  visit was totally worth it! You should go check it out too!

Then the actual rituals of the wedding was at the marriage hall. Trust me when I tell you that I looked smashing! (with a hot pink making people go blind, get it? smashing? *sighs*Never mind) Wanna know the plus side? GOT A LOT OF CANDID PICTURES! Tonnes of them! Makes for good Profile pictures too (but Minions are my spirit animal and I am a very loyal person). I did get to know some characters of known people as well(tryin to be ambiguous)

After going back home, I just changed and crashed on my bed! (otherwise my forever overthinking mind that dwells on the scene of Christian Bale bashing up Jared Leto and does not let me do so). The next day was the reception, where…. I got a lot of attention. Yeah, yeah male ones(you don’t find much lesbians over there, I wonder why?) But I actually spoke to a lot of people, like my parents’ best friends and their close acquaintances! It just felt nice to see a different set of people. You need that change sometimes. I was so happy that I got it!

Then there was some weird ass exam. Not worth one week of my holidays at all!(probably they need to be butchered like Jared Leto). Got through those classes though. One thing off my list. Having my vacation wasted on learning topics that I know, CHECK! However, my 6th semester started and we studied how to produce beer(I am a Microbiologist). The next best thing me gonna study is about wine production(feel free to send me a bottle, cause I AM OBSESSED). But with such cool things comes great responsibilities(that is staying sober and listening to them, and I don’t drink much).

Anyhow, my weeks are gonna be filled with assignments, reports, labs, classes, judgements, weird ignorance, washing dishes….. you know the usual. I just hope I get through this without drowning and having a mental breakdown like my previous semester(that is gonna be a different gibbering altogether).

So I shall end this blog on wishing you guys a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great weekend and stay awesome! (also the cat is inside the box and not)


P.P.S.- So is Homeland

P.P.P.S- Watch Blue Valentine please!