“I still love you” he says

We lay on the bed.

“How are you so sure?”

Its two in the morning.

“Just because things got tough,

Doesn’t mean that my feelings have gone weak”

We have been talking

For six hours.

“But we are different people now!” she reasons

“Don’t you want us to last?”

What got us here? To this?

“I do! Question is do you want us to?”

“Its been eight years!” he screams

A long pause.

“Aren’t you bugged of me yet?” she whispers

“Sometimes I feel I am,

But then we choose what we want.

And I choose you.

Are you bugged of me?”

“Sometimes you are like beer,

With which the high dies down

And leaves a sour after taste

But I like wine,

And you are my blueberry wine” she smiles

“I am an alcoholic beverage now?” he chuckles

“Wine tastes better with aging, right?”

“So does cheese, I love parmesan!”

After laughing our hearts out,

“Do you still choose this?” she feels sad at the thought

What if it all ends?

“I do. Do you?”


This is the last day of the poetry writing prompts hosted by the beautiful J.R Rogue and Kat Savage. I feel really sad that it is over, but I am so happy that this got me back into blogging and I could do something creative everyday. (P.S. I CAN WRITE POETRY NOW!)Anyhow I would love to thank this beautiful hooman who got me back to this, and suggested that I take up this challenge Parinitha. She writes amazing amazing amazing stuff! Please do give her some love(and check out her other blog)  And thank you to you lovely people who read my blog everyday and gave me love and support! (hence stroking my ego, heheheheheheheh) Love you all! I will keep writing, and hopefully you guys too!