December is the best month of the year!

Wanna know why? Its the only time I get to forget what a bitch the entire year has been, and  be lost in the spirit of winter and Christmas. I hate 2016. I had the most hectic year, in terms of work, family, studies, and mental state. My panic attacks came back. My pillow got soaked more and more as the days passed by. I really wanted to give up. Leave all of this and run away. Somewhere really far away! But December is quite a forgiving month. Despite having a packed schedule ahead of me, I find peace in the last month of the year. It feels like an opportunity to progress into a new month in peace, and harmony.

Some people find peace in being busy. I for one, don’t! My stress levels increase. If you were to check my Blood Pressure, the sphygmomanometer  would break(and that would put a dent in my wallet, hence more stress). More stress means, more the amount of tiredness(it gets annoying, waking up and doing the same routine everyday, in an unorganised manner, for nothing). My peace lies in organisation. When things happen in a calm, punctual and defined manner,(including lack of productivity) I am least stressed out. My handmade planner is helping me out so much. My room being clean, the lab schedules going at the right pace, finishing my work the day before I have to do something. My heart is singing ‘Cheap Thrills’ now!( I really don’t need dollar bills to have fun).

Let’s leave all the sad and contemplative things now. I finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth.(I know I am late but hey, better late than never). Did I like the book? HOLY CRAP, YES! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I JUST COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN. I WANTED TO READ. (I actually woke up early to read it) AND I LOVE FOUR *heart eyes*(and Theo James is YUMMY, GOBSMACKING, EYE CANDY, DELICIOUS)  If you have not read the book(which I am pretty sure many of you have), PLEASE DO. I, however will not be continuing with the series, because I am just happy with the way the first book ended. I don’t want to change my mind about it(and I know what happens, so yeah).

I am currently reading Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake.( pretty sure I will gush about it once I am done, in another gibbering). Me stalking my crush is probably the only thing keepingme happy(and many other things with him, in my head *wink wink) Pretty sure he is creeped out by me.(I am not a skilled stalker you see). And I have exam on the 11th(not gonna get through, since it is not what I want). Then I have some lame Sports Day happening(I just hope the shirt they designed fits me). My uterus will be taking over the week as well. Oddly tight week ahead right? You know what? We can get through it.

Make sure your teas and coffee are strong to keep you alert, and dont care about your bosses (they do and do not insult Schrodinger’s cat). Have a great week ahead!

P.S. Bangalore is rainy and I just want to sleep.

P.P.S I know you want to, too.