“What if the choice you made

Takes you somewhere else?

Its kinda hard, isn’t it?

For fear, that you may be not able to

Get what you want.

Maybe the road is clogged with snow

For doubt, that your future may not be

As bright as you want it to be.

You cannot see because of the fog

For anxiety, that dreams

Will not come true.

Its too cold to walk!

But what if I tell you,

That there is no end.

To your dreams, to your hopes,

To that brightness?

After all the snow is comforting

Not all roads end,

They just happen to open up to other roads”

The prompt reminded me of ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost. It is my all time favorite poem! I just happen to love the idea of choices and its consequences! Anyways, do check out poetryhive for the prompts.