I set up the Christmas tree quite early this year!

I want to be really productive during December, cause the rest of the year was absolute crap (I put on weight, just sayin). Also, I seem to be in hibernation mode, lots of food, lots of sleep.  Hence the early preparations. I still need some wreaths and fairy lights (also ocean scented candles, but mum pukes at the smell *sighs*) Hopefully I shall be able to get it done tomorrow. More so, I have a darn report to write about my trip to Hyderabad. I so don’t wanna do it! Honestly, it’s really annoying. I would rather sit at home and watch Home Alone for the umpteenth time! But giving the report to my teachers saying, ‘Keep the paper, ya filthy animal’ would be so satisfying. (Last semester, I wanted to smack one of my teachers with the Microbiology record and place it on her table).

My previous week had been filled with lots of record work, Sports Day(which was really fun) when I got to see so much of my crush (don’t ask me to talk to him, I never will), an exam for NCBS (it was for integrated PhD, which I don’t want), traveling for 40 km in one day (back and forth), more labs(not Labradors)…….. *sits in one corner and wails*. All the stress is too much. I just want a darn break! Hence thanks to the poetry prompts and my doodle challenges. Probably being creative is refreshing my brain for other things. (also reading the synopsis of A Serbian Film, made me value my sleep more, don’t read it, please). I was not able to read much this week, since, college work and no motivation whatsoever. It’s really difficult to keep a straight head. I feel like my panic attacks are returning (hence the odd amounts of sweating….. wait….. I just drank some Mansion House)

Well, we are one week closer to Christmas! And that means Secret Santa gift exchanges! Also Bookswaps. Also, more crafts for Pari………. lets face it, colours are more interesting now than what microbes are found in milk. AND I GOT MY POSTCARD FROM MY SENDER OF THE BOOKSWAP!(all pictures next week, since I need to steal someone’s DSLR). Also, Bangalore has been quite rainy. Due to cyclone in Tamil Nadu. Maybe nature is crying over Jayaylalitha’s untimely death. Well, she was a fantastic leader!

So that is my wrap up for the week. I might be doing Bookmas, (I am just trying to over stuff my plate I tell ya) so you might wanna check out Hailey’s Channel for more information.

So as my black coffee and Mansion House(and OMR too) kept me active this whole week, I hope you also have a fantastic week, with your alcohol and hot beverage of choice.