“What do you think keeps a relationship going? ”

He was staring at the stars when he asked me this.

“Unconditional love?” I reply

“Nah….. that ain’t it. That is a common answer.

Not your answer”

He knows me too darn well.

Some pondering minutes later

“Okay then. A level of understanding so high

That you never demand explanation for silence.

The utmost amount of care,

That medicine may not be necessary to recuperate them.

A great deal of comfort,

That you find peace in the other person’s privacy


I wish he could complete the sentence.

I wish he knew what I wanted to say

“When compromises are not treated as return policies?”

He asks, shifting his gaze towards me.

I guess, he does know.

I always have this discussion with my friends. And the poem ain’t all that great , but I wanted to give out my thoughts on a relationship. Anyway, do check out poetryhive for the prompts.