I finished 2 records, one report, wine making, package delivering and a submission all throughout the week.

If that is not productive, I don’t know what is? It felt so amazing to get all this work done, at my own time and at my own pace. I hate being pushed. I have just pushed people back for doing that to me. My partner in a research paper kept on going ‘we need to do this, we need to do that……………….’ I honestly should have just pushed her into the dustbin she was standing next to. Not to sound too rude, SHE WAS A PAIN. Taking all the bloody credit.(But that wont happen in case of murders, right?) Just giving it some thought. But I really loved the way this week went by. So, so, so calming and productive.

The next best thing was Secret Santa. I received my package from my Secret Santa from the book swap (still have no clue who that is) Maybe it might me some A(Pretty Little Liars reference). But I really would not want someone like that at all. Getting messages every step of the way. That would just be me to my crush(I pity him so bad). I have also sent my receiver a package that consists of a watercolor bookmark, a greeting card and a book(Heathcliff, Sexy sexy sexy Hunk).

And the Secret Santa in my class was my really good friend Advait. HE GOT MY LAVENDER SCENTED CANDLES!!!!!! My room is just a heaven now with the lights and candles…………(I don’t plan on getting out of there anytime soon). I happen to be his Santa as well. I got him a Fast and Furious inspired phone cover and made a blue watercolor greeting card with the first page of Westworld opening theme(It never leaves your mind….. ever). It just felt really nice getting gifts and seeing people get gifts…. (I just happen to be a nice person in December….. wait for my real moods in January). Speaking of cards, Pari made me a lovely note and a bookmark for Christmas (she is just one adorable person who is probably the only one I know who is shorter than me….. somewhere I shall feel tall)

Last best thing about this week. Christmas Holidays!!And also the last time I will be seeing my crush for the year(wipes away an imaginary tear). And POKEMON GO. I am at level 10, in case you are curious. And I wont be battling till I am experienced enough(Still not, I am pretty sure I will lose everyone of the battles) Its just pure fun. Walking around, bumping into plants(why not my crush?) catching Jigglypuff and Psyduck(and too many Ekans) Just pure fun!(not being sarcastic) Today I happen to go Lal Bagh, just to catch more Pokemon with my friend Sri Priya. One and a half hours of just walking around, talking with her, meeting random strangers who played as well. So tiring but so much fun!

What else about this week? Made banana wine(for lab…… and me being me). Ethnic Day, where we all just wore extra set of clothing with some embellishments(and it is my last ethnic day cause graduation is closing in soon) Homemade chewy cookies. And slight misunderstandings at home.

With that ending my eventful week, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with the hope that your wines are amazing, and the food is delicious!