The clock ticks.

Its 10 minutes to 12 am. To a new year, to a new….. I wish.

You are next to me. You clasp onto my hand.

You trace circles around my knuckles.

I just look at the clock. I want this year to end fast.

I feel your breath near my ear. You say something.

It feels weird, as to how much I could trust you.

You could murder me and hate me for what I am.

Considering your temper and patience

Its one minute to the new year…. a different one I wish.

You just continue to tell me things, which is so alien to me.

Things that I did not expect from you.

Maybe your motive is something else.

I hear the screams…. TEN, NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX

You reach into your pocket. I fear it is to harm me.

FIVE, FOUR, THREE….. But instead you hold a piece of paper.

TWO, ONE..…. you read my apology after all….

Maybe the new year makes you want to forgive.

So that was it for this year lovely people!!!!!! I have attempted 27 prompts out of 31, which is super surreal! Special thanks to Pari…… just for her mere presence and motivation…..(love you loads) And thank you to all those people who continue to support and read my blogs. Lat but not the least HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HAVE A GREAT ONE!

See you next year!