Dear Someone,

I see you walk by, every single day.

I go through lengths just to get a glimpse.

The ruby across my face appears so bright when I hear your name.

I wish the Romeo and Juliet monologues happen with us.

I want those romantic lyrics to come true with us.

I know you know, I wish you gave as well.

I know you see me, waiting for a response.

But I don’t want things to break, for reality to creep in.

To know that you are not who my mind makes you to be.

To know that you may ridicule and not accept me

To know you may be the wrong one.

To know that you may not reciprocate how I feel.

That is the worst. Breathing but you are dying.

I know you know, but I also want you know,

I don’t want us to happen.


A sweet and eccentric another.

Which will never be mailed to you.