This one was long overdue.

It seems to be a tradition. Or a way of nature being nice and cruel to me. December of previous year, is always amazing! But the January of the next year…… always pathetic. I seem to be having more bad days than usual. Let me finish off with the bad things….

  1. True nature of friends and how I have been manipulated. One bad thing about me is that, I can be easily manipulated, and made to feel guilty. And I happen to have had friends who used that. Crap.
  2. Probably why I don’t want to socialise with anyone. And I think I might turn out to be a loner too. Sad.
  3. My singleness is just hitting me in the face more and more(all thanks to this fantastic Norwegian show called ‘Skam’…… such an amazing show). I do wanna do something about it though.
  4. Hence my mind is creating some bad days.

Now that all those thoughts is out in the open, I am trying to keep a good attitude. Maybe I should just read more. And not give a fuck. But what to do? I am a terrible overthinker. I remember reading this picture on Facebook which is so applicable to me-“If overthinking burned calories, I’d be dead” *nervous laughs*

Lets talk about the good things.

  1. All my deadlines have been met…… which is so awesome (and bad because I feel kinda jobless and ‘Empty mind, Devil’s workshop’…… he has way too many apprentices anyway, I seem to be a constant visitor)
  2. I took part in this Chemistry Seminar Competition, in which I got SECOND PLACE!! WOOT WOOT!! I knew people would love Forensic Chemistry.
  3. I am pretty organised these days….. Bullet Journalling is kind of working out.
  4. My crush is putting on weight, which is making him look so much better.(just needs to get a bit more bottom though)
  5. WATCHING SKAM. Best decision of my life.

As I said, I really need to appreciate the good things and focus on some nice moments. Just to be a bit more happy. So that is my week 2 of the new year going on…… Pretty mixed up eh?

Hope all of you are having a great new year. And Happy Sankranthi and Pongal.

P.S. Schrodinger will be back…. or not.