So, we told you guys that we are gonna be setting some prompts for the month of February, keeping in mind the theme of love and fast approaching spring…… Pari and I, put our brains together and came up with the prompts. And keeping in mind our main idea behind the prompts, Pari and her good friend Prince made this gorgeous header!!! KUDOS TO BOTH OF THEM.

Now, if you are attempting the prompts, do keep in mind that you are under no obligation to use this header. You can make your own header….we acknowledge more creativity.

Right, I forgot the hashtags. The prompts will be up by January 29th. Use the hashtags and the tags ‘thespringpalette’ and ‘pariandparuprompts’ onWordpress, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest,Facebook and Instagram,wherever you decide to put up your poetry  so that we can see them.

We would love it if you guys participated. Also check out Pari’s blog here. We are really excited. So watch this blog on Jan 29th.