After writing poetry together with prompts by J.R. Rogue, Kat Savage and PoetryHive, Pari and I have come up with a bunch of amazing prompts which we love, and we hope that you guys would enjoy as well.

Its everything revolving February, Colours and all things spring! Coming up with these was an absolute blast! Pari and I are like the perfect glove fit for a hand! We are just awesome. AND I AM OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!!

Anyhow, these are poetry prompts. No word, no theme limit. You can write about anything under the sky. For us to see, use the hashtags ‘thespringpalette’ and ‘pariandparuprompts’ on any social media where you intend to post your works. We both have exams during the first week, but we do intend to be putting up our works on our blogs!

This starts on February 1st. It would be awesome if you participated!