And you clearly remember how your last kiss was.

But he’s moved on. He went back to her. His wife. Things are different.

You knew you could not have him,  Still you wish….he stayed. Maybe even…. you sigh.

You see him. Same smell of cloves and Old Monk. He asks “How are you?”

The voice warming your insides like it always did

“When was the last time we kissed?” ,you ask.Testing. He is a little startled by that.

You think he will reply. Give the answer. Maybe he did love you. Only if. What if?

“I don’t quite remember. I’m sorry” He replies,after a long pause. He hesitated.

You hope he lied. But his expressions say otherwise. Reality tore at your being.

You don’t wish to stay around him anymore. You just turn. You just walk away.

The blank heart, made your body blank .Everything felt blank. 

This is kind of inspired by Grey’s Anatomy and a continuation of one of my old works. Also you can find the prompts here over here or here.