My gaze drops to your lips. You notice that. So fast.

You make it evident. Like you wanted me to see that.

You lean in. And all it took was a brush.

My heart was pumping more oxygen to the body.

Every single one of my arteries were exerting more pressure

To get that red liquid, to the very capillaries on my fingertips.

I can feel my veins working, to keep the cycle going,

So that my heart can purify it and send out more.

The way the blood rushed within me, too fast,

Too perfect, too rhythmic, too harmonic.

All those chemicals making my lungs want for more

As you pushed me, held me, felt me. And oh God!

Kissed me.

I did not want to do a murderous one. And the prompt was a really hard one. These are prompts created by Parinitha and me.