Oh! Do I just chide myself for wishing power?

Or do I feed that flame that will soon turn into a fireball?

Does killing him make it a cold blooded murder,

Or does it become an ominous calling of the universe?

The universe replies. It urges me to go do it. 

The knife dancing in front of my eyes. Being a temptress.

Your knell is ready to ring.

Red splotches all over my knife and my hands.

My comrade tells me to wash it off.

She tells me that I must not leave anything behind.

My soul tells me that I wont be able to wash it off.

But the feel. Ah! I have attained what  I want.

I know, there will be consequences,

Presented by the same universe, that urged me on.

I know, my guilt will override me….. soon.

But not today. Not now.

When I came up with this prompt, all that was going through my head were Macbeth and House Of Cards. I love both of them and how the want for power is so strong in them. These are prompts created by Parinitha and me.