She walks in on us. She blushes.

But I don’t think she knows that I find it really cute.

Should I? The lady in my arms shuffles out

“I shall see you later” She said adjusting my tie.

The other one has the ghost of hurt written across her face.

“Okay. You shall see me later”I say.

She kisses me lightly on the cheek and struts out

Nope. No flutters from that. It all felt……… limp.

Things ended when she decided to bring home the cologne

Of another man.

My lovely intruder looks at me with eagerness.

“I have what you asked for.” she said

Snapping me out of my thoughts

“What? You?” The words leave my mouth before I know it.

And I am not shocked. But she needed to know.

Her shocked face. The overly flushed cheeks.

The dark green of her eyes turning emerald.

And then the quick smile.

My shirt will have some remnants tonight.

Again, life happened. But me is back! These are prompts created by Parinitha and me.