This is going to be completely different from what I usually put up. However, different is nice.

Now, where do I start?

Ah, yes! Stress. That word. You hear it so much from every nook and crammy of the room. You feel it in the heartbeats of the ever racing generation of today. You sense it polluting the air and probably being one of the reasons for asphyxiation. Stress is synonymous with the supposed well-being of a human being. It is however a poison.

I am going to delve a little into biology now regarding stress. When you are stressed, generally you have a hard time breathing. Your chest feels constricted. That is your peripheral nervous system at work preparing your body for an unwarranted situation. Since you have a hard time breathing, less oxygen to your brain. Hence less function of the brain due to oxygen free radical formation. These free radicals are terribly toxic to your brain and it can add onto the already tensed body. Apart from this, the heart is now like a construction worker. Working way too hard to pump blood. Hence exerting more pressure(and high blood pressure is never good, your could die of blood vessel ruptures and hemorrhages). Nope, I am not scaring you at all.

To the mental health aspect, stress is seen to be one of the contributing factors to anxiety. and living with anxiety is like having your leg tied to an electrical pole. Trust me, anxiety is not something you want to have(and I hate that people trivialize and romanticize it) Sorry that I am being too commonplace about stress and this is turning out to be like some boring article.

Let’s get to the fun stuff(at least according to me). As a person who has been stressed out for far too long, I have not been able to deal with it in the right way in the past. But for the past one and a half year, I have been making a conscious effort to be as calm as possible and to make sure that I get some ‘self time’. This has made a world of a difference, and I do not get angry(where my already hot scalp heats up even more, you can actually fry an omelette on my head that time) much nor do I feel like my lungs are about to give away(thinking that I might have a myocardial infarction). Here are some of the things I like to do whenever I feel life is getting in the way.

  • MEDITATION: Obvious one, I know. But it is a speedy solution. I am not talking about the everyday strict meditation(which would actually help more). I am talking about the quick breaks you get. Breathe for around five minutes. It may seem like nothing but it helps so much. Its just those five minutes of being aware of your breathing and kind of zoning out. (and who wants to listen to annoying people, hence zoning out is a plus) It also helps you to sleep.
  • WASHING DISHES: Say what? You must be thinking that chores are the reason for your stress. Well, how about tackling them? When I come home after fighting with my classmates or my teachers, a sink full of vessels generally annoys me. But as I start washing them all the while imagining murderous scenarios in my head, 20 minutes later, I have a clean sink and a surprisingly calmer mind. This is very subjective. Some of my friends find that reorganizing their shelves or closets help them De-stress. Generally doing chores, is said to calm you down. So why not slay people as you slay your messy bedroom?
  • BOXING: This is something I swear by. Boxing is said to be extremely therapeutic. As I am delivering uppercuts to the people I envision in front of me,thinking that I am Daredevil, after half an hour, my mind is clear. Now, you need not do boxing. Sometimes a walk or a run can relieve you of whatever that is eating the neurons in your brain.
  • HOBBY: Know what you like, and do exactly that. If it is a passion, keep it as a passion which you can go to whenever you need a quick mood lifter. But also never make it a compulsion. In my case, it is writing poetry and making wine. The slow process of your hobby will make you concentrate and it just cleanses your head.(in my case, I get to drink some alcohol as well.) Just relish those slow moments.

And finally some little things like

  • MUSIC: It is said that listening to five songs per day can reduce depression and stress by 30%

I would love to talk more about this in another post but that will only be based on if you guys would like to read such stuff from me.

So yeah, its okay to be stressed and you are not the only one facing it. All the more necessity to calm yourself down.