I know not where my roots are.

Maybe it has dried up, in search of something

To tide me over, to make me live.

I know not what my identity is.

Maybe it was eaten up by the never ending

Pressures. Expectations. Hopes?

I know not of how my legacy will be.

But I sure as hell know,

That it wont be what was left to me.

OH YEAH BABY! We back at it with the poetry. And, HAPPY APRIL. And Happy National Poetry Month. Do check out J.R Rogue’s blog if you wanna know different ways to celebrate. Its exam month for me. Nonetheless, I shall try to do this unlike my last set(not a fail, I think I went into a block). I will have a banner up tomorrow. Don’t you worry. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.