I do this everyday.

My days demand me to do this everyday.

My personal relationships drain me, sometimes.

My job, although I love it,gets me stressed.

My brain, filled to the brim, is on overdrive.

I do this everyday.


Staring at how the dusk becomes dawn.

Staring at how the dawn becomes dusk.

The change of hues from dull to bright.

The transition of tones from strong to sober.

And the thin fine line between them?

It was never a line to me. It is proof,

Of my sanity.

Of my non-existent calm.

Of my heartbeats.

These prompts make me rub all the lobes of my brain together. Never have I had such a brain workout in a long time. This poem is just a reminder to self to just go out and enjoy nature. We all should. Take that time off. Also go and give Pari some love!  These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.