Its my job. To collect the dead bodies. To bury their souls.

These days, however, have been taxing.

There are too many to bury.

Too many last rites to be performed.

Too many troubled souls to be put to peace.

Sometimes I wonder if my master intended for this to happen.

Then I remember, there are always glimpses of him,

The Devil, in them. In these painful creations of the One above.

My master does not intend for this to happen.

His is worried. For we might not be enough to do the necessities.

The One above is shocked, at the chaos and commotion

At his place. At my master’s place. At the world in between.

The massacre that is happening,it is the making,

Neither of my master, nor of the Creator,

But of the creations.

This is an intense one. And it just gets worse. Its my take on the recent riots and massacres happening in Syria and other parts of the world. All we can do is spread awareness. I really do hope we can make a difference. I really do hope that this all comes to an end. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.