I never thought he would do that.

Learn something, so alien, so different.

Be different. For me.

The radiance in his eyes, that spread warmth

Across my being, shone so bright

Whenever I understood what he signed.

The slight embarrassed but cute stumbles that he felt,

Whenever he had to interpret what I signed to him.

Multiple times he asks me to wait.

Multiple times he touches my face.

Multiple times I touched his chest.

Multiple times my heart beat quickens.

Multiple times his heart beat quickens.

And that is the only time I can hear

Loud and clear.

Okay, this one was super corny and cute. However, the prompt reminded me of the times I tried to learn signing. So why not add a sort of romantic touch to it? So yeah. Do check out Pari’s blog for even more adorable cute poems. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.