I am to scream against all that is happening.

I am to raise my voice against the injustice.

In this so called feminist world

I am asked to not shut up and speak out.

But, I don’t want the sensation

I don’t want the insensitivity

I don’t want to be publicized.

I don’t want anyone else to fight my battles.

The wolf inside me doe not want to lead a pack

Rather, she prefers to work alone.

I was gonna take this in a different direction. Oh well. This was actually the result of a particular idea that is shown in this new Malayalam movie called The Great Father. Victims are treated like guinea pigs to get the result. They are sympathetic figures. They may have lost something. That does not mean they are ready for the world to know. Sometimes they prefer to be left alone. Pari and I are attempting these together. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.