Those new lungs. Were in a box.

Not on ice. Not in any close to similar environment.

It was in a body and now in a box.

In all its viability. Still red, still alive.

How could it be in there?

And not undergo any damage

In the lack of natural habitat?

She kept looking at it and wondering.

These beautiful lungs was gonna save a life

Who must have wasted his original ones on

Cigarettes, or lost them due to some complication.

But these lungs,in a box, could renew someone’s life.

It is like the lungs wanted to save a life.

Maybe miracles do happen.

Maybe, internally, organ-wise, we are kinder than we think.

THREE POEMS IN A DAY? WHAT HOW? I am watching this show called Legion and my so confused brain needed to get it out on poetry. And this cannot be possible in real life, any surgeon would vouch for that. I just added a miraculous element to it. Also, this poem is dedicated to an episode of Grey’s Anatomy called ‘Heart in a Box’. And about my previous poem, I did not want to write anything after that, because I just wanted to get the trigger warning out there. And this was a huge note. I shall stop. Pari and I are attempting these together. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.