You look at the signs

You confirm it. He. Likes. You.

Your heart flutters at that thought.

However, one part of your head, far away

Deep and hidden. Sends you an alarm that you hate.

“You have done this before. You might be overreading it”.

You mute that voice out. You go with your heart.

You want to experience it for the first time.

Finally someone likes you. Its mutual.

So you take the first step. To tell

How you feel. You know you

Wont be rejected.


When you do tell him, he feels sad

For coming across more than he intended to.

He did not want to lead you on.

He did not want to lose your friendship.

But, all you think of is that alarm.

Closure, will never be able to calm your senses.

For misguided emotions is your specialty.

This was a little longer. And I have been busy with exams and midlife crisis for a while. Pari and I are attempting these together. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.