It all depends on approach.

Difficulties. Obstacles. Shortcomings.

Who has not faced it?

However, we want to portray that

No one else has faced it like us.

Glorify our problems.

Make it such a painful experience.

It’s like that has made the person we are

Terrible or amazing.

Maybe that makes it worse than the difficulty.

Generations before us have

And generations after us will.

It all depends on how we approach it.

Treat it like a life changing experience

That apparently scars us or learn it as a lesson

Without it having leaving a slit on our integrity?

I feel our generation just glorifies the tiniest of things. Everyone is fighting a battle that no one knows about. We should accept that and just live. Pari and I are attempting these together. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.