At the very prime of my teenage years

I was told that you grow from now.

You become the person that you are from this time.

But what if I told you, I have not been given reassurance

That it is okay to accept your body just the way it is?

That it is okay to not have high expectations?

That it is okay to not seek perfection?

That I am okay being me?

As you grow, the insecurities grow with you.

Being a part of you. Without you knowing it.

What if I told you that, I gave myself the reassurance that

It is not okay how I felt during my teenage years

It is not okay to look at the imperfections on my body and hate it

It is not okay to be an epitome of false perfection

It is not okay to be someone else.

I learned things the hard way,

I overcame situations that people still live it.

The shortcomings of my teenage made me a better adult.

And I want to help others overcome them too.

This is a very personal topic. And I want to be able to spread the message to all those who have faced body image issues. I understand that the poem is a little preachy, but I am expressing how my experience was. Pari and I are attempting these together. These prompts are being hosted by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni.