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July 2017

Weeks of my Life- GTG #9

Now where do I start? I GRADUATED! I have officially completed my undergrad in Microbiology, Chemistry and Zoology! I plan on continuing my studies in Biochemistry and to do my research and specialisation in Immunology. I have always been fascinated... Continue Reading →


14. white noise

i hear my best friend i see you walk through the door gibbering something you search the room i hear a car honking your heartbeat screams above all that outside the restaurant the blink of your eyelids is like a... Continue Reading →

8. flowers in your hair

Before you read this poem, check out this scene from a Norwegian show called Skam to understand the poem a little bit more. your smile. the one that does more than just lighting up your face we just finished playing... Continue Reading →

7. Accidental Birthdays

"Have we met before?" "Have I heard that line before?" "Maybe. But not on you though" *chuckling* "Okay then" *uncontrollable laughter* "No we have not met before." "Are you sure? I remember seeing you at some party I don't forget... Continue Reading →

6. when the bottom falls out

how does it feel to be right down there? you look up to see everyone you loathed, you loved you cheated, you protected you screwed, you supported look down on you snigger, laugh, mock you did you ever wonder why... Continue Reading →

5. Sunday Coffee & Second Chances

Was it strained? Us? Will we ever happen? The kettle screamed at the brightness of Sunday Is that calmness due to comfort Or because it got awkward? Two of coffee and sugar each into two cups. This was how things... Continue Reading →

4. like deconstructed origami

only if we had a manual to growing up. on how to be an adult on how to manage your finances on how to maintain relationships on how not to lose your passion to your profession on how not to... Continue Reading →

3. Chasing Secrets

Maybe I just like knowing what is behind The sad smiles, The teary eyes, The imperfect handshakes, The rough thrusts, The dark scars, The soft brushes, The judgemental sniggers, The green faces, The blood soaked hands, So am I the... Continue Reading →

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