“Have we met before?”

“Have I heard that line before?”

“Maybe. But not on you though” *chuckling*

“Okay then” *uncontrollable laughter*

“No we have not met before.”

“Are you sure? I remember seeing you at some party

I don’t forget a striking face like yours”

*sipping from the beer mug*

“Then it was either your birthday party or mine”

*tapping on the empty martini glass*

“You know me more than I know you right?”

*a knowing smirk*

“I guess so. Is that a bad thing?”

“Maybe not. Just means that its more for me to know”

“So you like the Chase?”

*getting ready to walk away*

“You are my sister’s colleague.

You came over for my niece’s birthday dinner.

Which also happens to be the day I was born

And it also happens to be the day you were born.

But you already knew that, right?”

*heel tapping*

*fingers tapping*

“Who told you that you don’t know enough?”

“Maybe I want to know you more,

Forever maybe?” *gleams of sincerity*

“Okay then. Let’s try for now and wait for a forever”

“I can do that”

So I tried something different. I hope you can understand it. *smiles nervously*. Don’t forget to check out the prompts and to give my girl Pari some love over at Head High in the Clouds.