Before you read this poem, check out this scene from a Norwegian show called Skam to understand the poem a little bit more.

your smile. the one that does more

than just lighting up your face

we just finished playing basketball

in which you beat me, obviously

and we were going on something,

like a date. i would love to call it a date.

we just walk in peaceful silence.

i steal some glances to look at you.

at what you are doing, thinking.

i spot some bluebells as we near your home.

your smile, the one that does more

than just lighting up your face,

it widens as you see them.

i take a few and give them to you.

you just seem amused, and i smile sheepishly

you take the flowers and place it

between the folds of your black hijab.

the purples contrasting with the black

just like your personality

and i could not stop smiling

at how much i feel for you.

As you can see, I love Skam. Moreover I love Yousef and Sana! That is why I remembered them and this particular scene when I read the title. So this poem is for them. Don’t forget to check out the prompts and to give my girl Pari some love over at Head High in the Clouds.