i hear my best friend

i see you walk through the door

gibbering something

you search the room

i hear a car honking

your heartbeat screams above all that

outside the restaurant

the blink of your eyelids is like a loud soft tap

i hear the waitress taking

your sighs of relief fill my mind

orders on another table

from so far away, all your sounds

i hear someone keep

you spot me

the drink on my table

you walk up to my table

eyes turn to you

eye to eye, i can hear wavelengths

eyes turn to me

eye to eye, you can hear them too

you lean down, kiss me ever so softly

listening to all my internal turmoils

listening to my every cell vibrate

everything else just simmers down to zero.

Very romantic. And soulmatish? You are the judge. I will have a post going up tomorrow as to why I have been AWOL. I had a lot going on in my life. Soon my friends. Soon. Don’t forget to check out the prompts and to give my girl Pari some love over at Head High in the Clouds.