Now where do I start?

I GRADUATED! I have officially completed my undergrad in Microbiology, Chemistry and Zoology! I plan on continuing my studies in Biochemistry and to do my research and specialisation in Immunology. I have always been fascinated with Auto Immune diseases, hence I wanna pursue a cure or at least a solution for it. (if there is anything that sounds cooler than zombies, it is when your own body decides to eat you up…….I know I am creepy) Coming to the disappointing part. I have not gotten in any college. Well, at least not my dream one. I really wanted to study at Pondicherry University. But then again, reservation did not let me (I belong to the General Merit category…….. oh what a jolly). Reservation is something for another time. When I am more revved up.

Since, that did not happen, I got a tiny bit (MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT) desperate and devastated. And as always, Destiny chose not to work. June was a very depressing month due the above mentioned reasons. Needless to say, I stress-ate, I stopped working out, and I was mostly unproductive since I was sitting at home. I took a hiatus from everything. Not because I needed one, but because I felt nothing. Such a shitty month.

Lifelong consideration, some pep talks and many many Cookie Cakes later, I decided to take a year off. What am I gonna do in this year off?

  • Inter (looking at this for more than a month now, nothing is happening. This is where Life and I never got along)
  • Write some more exams
  • Study to go to Germany or Switzerland
  • Become healthy
  • Learn some necessary life skills(I am so bad at cooking that you will need a fire brigade to take care of the kitchen after)

I also had one more entrance for Mysore University. So I wrote that, which I am pretty sure I wont get into (Wanna take a guess why? C’mon, you wont be wrong). So now, I am major peace with myself, with my life. I have started painting. I have started working out. I also learned how to cook some simple curries. Also I can make microwavable cake! (Never knew that could even work)

So lets get to the next part, what has been happening since July the 8th.

My Grandpa had fallen ill, due to which his body became weak and fluid has accumulated in his lungs. Hence this has put pressure on his kidneys. Basically he is leaning towards multiple organ failure. So he is admitted in the hospital as of now. My parents and I had to leave for Kerala and the days we were there, we were just going helter skelter. I had to return to Bangalore since I had to submit some applications and Dad could not afford to take offs from his work. So he and I returned to Bangalore on Wednesday. My mum is staying with my Grandma at the hospital. My Grandpa’s recovery is quite slow and unsure due to his age, but he has such a will power. That is why he is still holding on. It is quite depressing, but then I have to be practical. I have to support my family and do all the work I can. I am currently home alone doing my daily chores and calling my family, comforting them as much as I can.

Wow. That was me being very serious. (that happens on very rare occasions). Lets see how things will turn out to be. I went to Mysore on Thursday to submit some applications at the University. I also submitted some applications to Bangalore University. So basically traveling for the past one week and hence I have not been getting enough sleep or workouts or proper health in. Its really hard to stay positive and happy and consistent and productive.

But I try. If you are reading this, and if you are feeling the same, well at least you have company. I just wanted to have an honest talk about what has been going on with my life lately.

With that, I shall end this gibbering. Have a lovely day and may you get your required hours of sleep (you know, to not feel grumpy)