The last post I had written for the blog was the Biannual Bibliothon Book Tag. As you can see, I decided to not blog during the Biannual Biblothon since this blog is dedicated to poetry and my gibber-jabberings! So I might create a book blog some time in the near future for all things bookish and fangirl. Stay tuned for that.

Now about my life. Quite a lot has happened since the last GTG. LIKE A LOT!

To put it simply, I GOT INTO MYSORE UNIVERSITY FOR MASTERS IN BIOCHEMISTRY!!!! Like yes, it happened! My life does not feel useless anymore! Like I finally have a purpose in life. Well, lets hope the overly sugary tea I get at my accommodation does not make me lose it. Jesus Christ, is the tea really sweet!

Oh and did you read accommodation? YES, I AM LIVING ALONE NOW. Well not technically, I have like four other roommates but I am not living with my parents anymore. Mysore is like three hours train journey from Bangalore and hence I had to take accommodation which is like a twenty minute walk to my department (which is towards one godforsaken shady corner of the university and opposite to a boy’s hostel, not that it helps, cause there is no beautiful or handsome man in the campus who I can gawk at! *sighs*). Also, imagine traveling everyday three hours in the train back and forth between Bangalore and Mysore. Its called commitment. (If I had that I would have been giving out dating vibes a thousand years ago and I would have had a boyfriend) And not getting tired. So yes, I have a wide variety of roommates whom I shall talk about in another GTG. However, I did feel a little homesick the first day and I cried like a baby throughout. It feels weird, sad and scary to just live on your own for the first time ever. And I really missed my parents. So yeah, I just got emotional.

Classes are very different from what I have ever been in before. The atmosphere, style of teaching, people…. everything feels new, fresh and just different. Its more rural the crowd in my class, but there are some people from Bangalore who we(My very good friend Shraddha) have made friends with. So its pretty peaceful…………. too soon to say anything at all. And my ever cautious self is on all time high right now. So its fine right now(just in all time doubting mode). These are some of the few milestones of my life as of now. More to come (probably fights that will make me even more antisocial than I already am) Lets see! *shrugs nervously*

Coming to the media components I have consumed this so far

  1. As I Descended by Robin Talley- A Super diverse LGBTQIAP+ retelling of Macbeth.
  2. Vicious by V. E Schwab- A fictional Guide book on How to be a Villain via the live of Victor and Eli
  3. Inspector Maigret by Georges Simenon- The old school detective drama which I read all thanks to the BBC TV show of the same name(it stars Rowan Atkinson by the way)
  4. Watashitachi No Shiawase Na Jikan- A manga recommended to me by the lovely Pari and check out her review for it here.
  5. Ghost Hunt- Another Manga which I read in the hope that I could participate in a 24 hour readathon(it never happened, multiple attempted failures)
  6. Castle Season 3- I am not gonna say anything about this show since I am just reliving all my happy memories with it.
  7. Jules and James (the podcast)- THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER AND I NEED EVERYONE TO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST BECAUSE IT IS REALLY AMAZING AND I LOVE THE GUY WHO NARRATES AS JAMES! Phew! I typed that in one breath. Again, I love Pari to death for writing about this podcast!

So yeah, that has been my couple of weeks. My bullet journal is coming in very handy as well. (Its not empty anymore, Praise Bless) And I am productive as well. This post has been more of an update rather than a rant. I just felt like telling you guys what is going on with my life. It feels nice to share some parts of my life out to the cyber space.

With that, I hope your teas and coffees are not too sweet(cause mine are) and you have a productive life!