Queen Talks

Yeah, I wear a crown.

4. like deconstructed origami

only if we had a manual to growing up. on how to be an adult on how to manage your finances on how to maintain relationships on how not to lose your passion to your profession on how not to... Continue Reading →


3. Chasing Secrets

Maybe I just like knowing what is behind The sad smiles, The teary eyes, The imperfect handshakes, The rough thrusts, The dark scars, The soft brushes, The judgemental sniggers, The green faces, The blood soaked hands, So am I the... Continue Reading →

Is it okay to?- GTG #8

If you are expecting fun and sarcasm, don't read this. This is a heck a lot more emotional and contemplative (and potentially boring). You might hate me, or pity me at the end of it. There are several times in... Continue Reading →

22. A Memory I am Forgetting.

At the very prime of my teenage years I was told that you grow from now. You become the person that you are from this time. But what if I told you, I have not been given reassurance That it... Continue Reading →

21. The Hundred Year Flood

It all depends on approach. Difficulties. Obstacles. Shortcomings. Who has not faced it? However, we want to portray that No one else has faced it like us. Glorify our problems. Make it such a painful experience. It's like that has... Continue Reading →

20. Vainglory

pride. A lonely man's best friend. an assuring companion. a loyal follower. an avid lover. falls down and gets back up easily. pride. Also the worst enemy plays games with you gives you painful experiences makes you lose everything kills... Continue Reading →

19. Guild of Misguided Emotions

You look at the signs You confirm it. He. Likes. You. Your heart flutters at that thought. However, one part of your head, far away Deep and hidden. Sends you an alarm that you hate. "You have done this before.... Continue Reading →

16. New Lungs

Those new lungs. Were in a box. Not on ice. Not in any close to similar environment. It was in a body and now in a box. In all its viability. Still red, still alive. How could it be in... Continue Reading →

15. Ghosts We No Longer Haunt

*TRIGGER WARNING* for self harm. DO NOT read if you feel anything like that. I always went back to that To find solace. To find peace. For that pain I created Gave me a will, to survive. For the scars... Continue Reading →

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