Queen Talks

Yeah, I wear a crown.

12. Born a Bastard

We are not who our legacy wants us to be What our legacy wants us to be. We may come from a background That demands us to lead a kind of way of life. Let it be our career. Let... Continue Reading →

11. How to Eat Honeycomb

You are never told how to do things. You have your first drink without any training. You also know that you puke too much if consumed too much. You also know that you get hangover headaches. You take your first... Continue Reading →

10. 21st Century Bloodletters

Dear whoever gets this letter, The world is never the place my grandfather lived in For we never want to know the reality, Of poverty, that is seizing the unknown, But enriching the greedy. Of suffering, since we are not... Continue Reading →

9. Hiraeth

Unwanted life, unwanted needs, unwanted thoughts. The times I would wish to just take a time machine And go back to when, the grass was not green, but emerald. And go back to when, the frost was pleasing, not threatening.... Continue Reading →

8. Were We to Overwinter

But how am I move on? From when we spoke to the stars Without any hesitation and thoughts? From when we whispered in silent breaths Intermingled in the heart beats of another? From when we held each other, Whether it... Continue Reading →

7. Honesty, Honestly

Letting it eat away at every cell Of your conscience? Having it ruin every molecule That was ever yours? Truth, always comes out as vomit After the worst hangover. Truth, smacks you to blindness After which, you are reborn With... Continue Reading →

6. The Night We Lost The Moon to The Moths

All those deliciously wicked thoughts Which only the moon and stars know of. I feel your teeth pulling at my earlobe, Seeking acceptance. My hands roaming down your body Seeking desire. The tugging of the bundle of nerves at my... Continue Reading →

5. Learning How to Speak

I never thought he would do that. Learn something, so alien, so different. Be different. For me. The radiance in his eyes, that spread warmth Across my being, shone so bright Whenever I understood what he signed. The slight embarrassed... Continue Reading →

4. Hell in The Holy City

Its my job. To collect the dead bodies. To bury their souls. These days, however, have been taxing. There are too many to bury. Too many last rites to be performed. Too many troubled souls to be put to peace.... Continue Reading →

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