Queen Talks

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle personified.

9. Tell Me How The World Ends

It was known. He could not take it anymore. He made that last call. Before the fan held rope Broke his neck. It was known. She had enough. She did not let her tears dry. Before the sharp edge Sliced... Continue Reading →


8. Singularities

Are you scared, To know that its only you To fight your fights To choose your choice To take the unknown? Are you scared, To know that you cant do it To not be able to fight To regret the... Continue Reading →

7. Alternate Universe in which You & I Do Not Exist

Its us now. "We" It sounded very weird. "We" But it sounded very harmonic "We" I keep saying it. And you just look at me Wondering why I keep saying that I told because in reality There is a you... Continue Reading →

6. How Long is Forever?

In knowing What the teasing did to my heart that made it flutter like a hummingbird In wishes. In between jokes, 'perfect for me' was constantly reinforced and re-emphasized. In dreams. How my face captured your breath and how my... Continue Reading →

5. Slow Drag

as my gaze falls out, away from what i need to focus on the leaf moves ever so slightly with the wind i wonder is the leaf also not ready to shift? i wonder or does it also feel stuck,... Continue Reading →

4. Losing You In Hues

There was a small bit of bright, There was always a small bit of bright. Maybe with time you become familiar With crimson that drove you away, With crocodile that made me insecure, With prussian that made them never know... Continue Reading →

3. It was only Ever Fiction

Cough droplets always bought in bulk, But never taken? That felt like a good tagline for us. For the whole lot of us. Those Unwanted Cough Droplets. Was what I would call us It sounded like an epic band that... Continue Reading →

2. Where Does the Light Go?

You don't know how you ended up on the ground You were just trying to fix a light bulb. You sat on the ground sniffling, sobbing, crying and then wailing. Why did you want to know about them?   You... Continue Reading →

1. Hello, My Name is ______

Its Lonely. My name. If that is what you are wondering. I don't think you wanted to know my name though. Why would you? Who wants to know who or what Lonely is? I guess you don't. That is what... Continue Reading →

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