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V. gin and gunpowder

its a game. a sip, a bullet. he takes a step, a bullet. he holds tightly, a bullet. he pushes, a bullet. he thrusts without consent, a bullet. but i dont know what will kill him first, the hostile liquor... Continue Reading →


III. spoondrift

standing at the edge somewhere between the sand and the sea feeling the sprays on me seeing the water foam up looking, wondering, wandering waiting, staring, moving contemplating. just contemplating as i wade into the water feeling the sprays become... Continue Reading →

II. call for lost souls

its never written about its never asked its never spoken of its never understood. knells are rung. graves are dug. eulogies are delivered. coffins are made. when we are among souls of various kinds an ambiguity is felt a clarity... Continue Reading →

I. saints and sinners

we were always told that you do bad, you are a sinner you do good, you are a saint what if you have both living within you? what if you are a saint who sins? what if you are a... Continue Reading →

Walks, Birthday Sprains and Being a Crusader- GTG #11

Again, how long has it been since I blogged? Yyyyyyeeeeeaaaahhhhhh. I know. So for the beverage of choice today is hot coriander water (Its just to calm my screaming PMSing uterus down) for I cant have overly sugary tea now.... Continue Reading →

Milestones, Podcasts and Living Alone- GTG #10

THIS IS THE 10th GREEN TEA GIBBERING! Woot Woot! The last post I had written for the blog was the Biannual Bibliothon Book Tag. As you can see, I decided to not blog during the Biannual Biblothon since this blog... Continue Reading →

Weeks of my Life- GTG #9

Now where do I start? I GRADUATED! I have officially completed my undergrad in Microbiology, Chemistry and Zoology! I plan on continuing my studies in Biochemistry and to do my research and specialisation in Immunology. I have always been fascinated... Continue Reading →

14. white noise

i hear my best friend i see you walk through the door gibbering something you search the room i hear a car honking your heartbeat screams above all that outside the restaurant the blink of your eyelids is like a... Continue Reading →

8. flowers in your hair

Before you read this poem, check out this scene from a Norwegian show called Skam to understand the poem a little bit more. your smile. the one that does more than just lighting up your face we just finished playing... Continue Reading →

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