Queen Talks

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle personified.

15. time for change

He liked my long hair I chose to keep it short.  She thought contacts suited me Red wayfarer glasses became my comrade. He told me to tattoo a symbol of us  I tattooed the freedom of me.  She wanted my... Continue Reading →


14. topsy turvy

a knock on my door i am greeted by your smile which is augmented by a little spirit you are in your senses, just a little heightened i smile back at you, ''i missed you today'' "i am always missing... Continue Reading →

12. delightful dreams

it was in a kitchen  it felt like as though i was needed  hot breath fans across my neck pulled towards a bare chest you suspire soft words of want  twist and turns and we face each other  my hands... Continue Reading →

11. liquors and lies

I did not drink! Spirit used to run in my veins  I promise! Cognac with coffee were my mornings  There is no smell Meals were with Jack Daniels  Other people around me drank. Absolut was my elixir  I promise you... Continue Reading →

10. midnight skies

I look up  All I can think of is you How your breath feels on my shoulders.  How your perfect hand cocoons mine.  How your eyes mirror the clear dark and starry. How your embrace was the balm to all... Continue Reading →

9. dalliance

Hand grazes cheek.  Eyes stare at the face.  Held at the waist, Lifted on to the pavement. Hands linger at the waist Kisses leave a trail from hairline Near the eyes, On the nose, Down to the jaw Lips reach... Continue Reading →

8. cinnamon and cyanide

Transient. Your emotions for me  This flutter in our chests  My strength for us Fleeting. Our interactions  Our late night conversations  Our moments of peace Consistent Your mood swings  Your ignorance The lack of existence of us I really like... Continue Reading →

7. photographic legacies

Walking through Isolation  Save for a few glimpses of monochrome Black and White, Polaroids.  Feelings of nostalgia Resurgence of memories  Voice of Lost Souls  Reminding me of the promises to be kept  Reminding me of the secrets to never be... Continue Reading →

4. dripping secrets

The tight hold on the shaped broken glass, The look in the eyes, The pierce through the flesh, The slipping away of emotion,  The replacement with repentance, The dichotomy of purpose, The throat full of secrets,  The hand dripping with... Continue Reading →

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