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Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle personified.

Exams, Extremities and Extravaganzas- GTG #15

That was quite the alliterated title. Me likey. So, how do we start this? Well, hello there. Long time no news from me. I am Parvathi(in case if you have forgotten) and I am really bad at blogging(again, in case... Continue Reading →


13. A Footnote About Hope

Hope: A small sliver of copper that you only see if you look closely at the most minute edge of a cumulonimbus. It is not silver. It is bright but transient. It is apparent. It is delusional. It is powerful.... Continue Reading →

17. Flowers on Galileo’s Grave

You wake up. You walk. You see a plethora Of tombstones Some with epitaphs Some with no name. Some with no service. You are one of them. But you don't know How you came to this. All you know is... Continue Reading →

16. Are we floating or Are we falling?

There is a light. Somewhere. It still carries me. Every time I go back to it. I get that light. I know I must not do it. I just want you with me That is why I do it. But... Continue Reading →

15. Brainstorms

"The noise of the fan ticks me It adds to the sweat dripping down my back.  The person behind me is constantly chattering  As I wonder why I could not answer that?  Why did that person get it?  It means... Continue Reading →

14. Let The Hero Die In The End

i don't want to live in a world, where the heroes are alive for they don't do anything. where the monsters exist in humans, humans who take the innocence of diaper wearers, who can only cry of growing ups, who... Continue Reading →

12. Empty Space

Buzzing noise. Trafficking madness. Bickering glares.  

11. Let’s Take The Long Way Home

"You smell like lime" You say as you enter the car The click of the door Just makes it the both of us. And the fragrant combination Of Lime and you. "Well, hello to you too" "You smell like a... Continue Reading →

10. Time, The Absent Father

You grow. You cry first. You say that first incoherent word. You toe touches the ground. You write your first alphabet. You make your first friend. You get your first grade. You see that first drop of blood. You get... Continue Reading →

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