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Ruts, Priorities and Healing- GTG #14

Was February as much of an anxiety filled month as January? I could say the anxiety levels were 15% lesser. Well, something is better than nothing! Are these monthly reviews for your entertainment? Haha, nope! That is where you are... Continue Reading →



Something soft comes near my ear. Something cottony.  And my eyes are blurred out. Have I passed out? No. I can feel. Soft fingers brushing my hair off the shoulders. Dancing across my collarbones.  You. *sighs*  "Hi" lips on the side of... Continue Reading →

Heartbreaks, Social Media and January Anxieties- GTG #13

Did I say I wanted to blog more this year? Well, you are so in for a treat! Considering this is the 13th post, rather than my new year being horrifying, it was scary, in the stressful way. Choice of... Continue Reading →

31. drowning in carnations

what does it feel like to know that you have people who love you to know that you have people who support you to know that they all root for you to know that you can do it to know... Continue Reading →

29. serein

it felt like a wall of bricks  losing its foundation  and slowly falling, one brick at a time that is all that clouds my mind  walking through the streets of apparent desolation  small droplets from the sky replace the staining... Continue Reading →

28. deep breaths

its these small pressures teeth to collarbone tongue to lips fingers to a bundle of nerves wetness to more wetness small movements to a fast pattern a long tease to a long high its these small pressures that fill the... Continue Reading →

27. tangerine

seated in the balcony  slowly taking off the peel  from the tangerines they kept on the table  i stared into the sunset  which was of the similar hue  i feel a hovering breath  and a small pressure on my neck  i... Continue Reading →

26. a new world

It felt like I was seeing too much.    Of what everyone else did  Of what he, who was the world to me, is now.  Of who she was with and what made her like this.  Of why she, who... Continue Reading →

24. point and shoot

 *click*  You turn at this noise.  You lock eye contact with me.  Your lips slowly turn up to a smirk.  A knowing smirk.  My hands bring up the camera  Right in front of my eyes.  *click*  I intend to catch... Continue Reading →

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