Queen Talks

Yeah, I wear a crown.

XVII. tame the tempest

i have words running through my mind incoherent. provoked. budding. an unwarranted emotion through a raised decibel, a slight shift in everyday actions towards me, a drop in trust when its not told to me, sets my brain to overdrive,... Continue Reading →


XVI. serpentine

it crawls around my throat every time someone tells me about how perfect my life is. i probably never face any difficulty they don't know about the scars they don't know about the manipulation they don't know about how the... Continue Reading →

XIII. wilting innocence

'i understand if you don't want to' his husky breath fans my neck its not that i love him its not that i don't want to either it feels like the end of something innocence? growing? am i finally being... Continue Reading →

XII. moonglade

the sky is a dark hue of sapphire save for a few flashes of sparkle save for a pale streak of what the rainbow combines to form. the way the streak falls on on the water mirrors how it lights... Continue Reading →

XI. 11.11

feeling safe, scratch of the stubble, scent of the ocean and cloves, veins along the arm, caring composure, supportive of decisions, firing rage, sardonic humor, hedonistic tendencies, agreeing to disagree, being there till the end of the line. Things about... Continue Reading →

X. blood in the cut

holes dug too deep that nothing can cover it up. trust distrusted so much that betrayal seems better. walls built so high that a door cannot be made. however when the cut was made it wasn't enough to let the... Continue Reading →

IX. captured

maybe, i could stare at you. you would not know how your voice can send me to a different era where only heartbeats could be heard. you would not know how your touch can make me feel a calming fire... Continue Reading →

VI. citrine dreamer

pragmatic. practical. logical. clarity. responsibility. burdens. yet its only my hopes that gives me solace. yet its only my imagination that gives me sanity. yet it is only my dreams that heal me. Okay. Not so depressing. Not that great... Continue Reading →

V. gin and gunpowder

its a game. a sip, a bullet. he takes a step, a bullet. he holds tightly, a bullet. he pushes, a bullet. he thrusts without consent, a bullet. but i dont know what will kill him first, the hostile liquor... Continue Reading →

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